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New in Courier Mail Server 3.07
(in comparing to version 3.06)

- Important
- New feature
- Change
- Bug fix

Support for secure connections (SSL/TLS) in SMTP and POP3 services (in connecting mode to the standard port).

Check box "Reject duplicate messages" in the properties of external mailbox.

In the SMTP service added the ability to reject messages of clients who have not passed the hostname (PTR record) check, that allows to record in the log the addresses of senders and recipients of these messages.

In the SMTP service added the ability to check the coincidence of the client hostname passed by the EHLO command, with its name specified in the PTR record.

In the SMTP service added the ability to disable the check resolve the client hostname into its IP address, that allows to check only the very existence of a hostname (PTR record).

In the services added a separate limit of the number of simultaneous connections per IP address for the group of allowed IP addresses.

In the conditions of sorter and antispam now can be used temporary field ToCc (concatenation of fields To and Cc, separated by comma).

Possibility to specify multiple message recipients in the properties of an external mailbox on "Recipients" tab.

In "Remote Messages" section the "Created" column with a creation date of the message added to the list.

If the client sent more recipients by the RCPT TO commands, than specified by the setting "Max. number of message recipients" then now not only recipients over specified number are rejected, but also the message itself.

Now, when the authentication commands are recorded to the log, all open passwords (including encoded in base64) are replaced by asterisks and user names are recorded in the clear.

Services in which the protocol provides the server response immediately after the client connection (SMTP, POP3 and WinAdmin), when a connection is prohibited, before disconnecting a client send to it the reason for disconnection. Other services (HTTP, SOCKS) disconnect a client without sending the reason to it. Also, all services when a connection is prohibited are now record the reason of disconnection to the log.

Previously was not taken into account the situation when the antivirus deleted the message file (or moved it to the quarantine), so further processing of the message was interrupted with an EFOpenError error. Now, in this situation, the message processing is completed correctly and the corresponding report is recorded to the log.

The range of horizontal scrolling of the screen log is now dynamically updated when adding new rows.

Small reorganization of settings: "Access" tab in the properties of services, columns of the list in "Remote Messages" section.

While at least one connection to the service from a certain IP address was established, all subsequent connections from the same IP address were not checked for violations.

In the POP3 client when using protection of connection (SSL/TLS) with connection to the standard port, APOP authentication method was not working.

If at the end of a session of receiving mail from the remote mailbox a connection to a remote server was interrupted, then the messages which should be removed from the mailbox, in the next session were not deleted and received again.

The IMAP client requested a list of message identifiers even if the remote mailbox was empty, that caused an error message from the remote server.

The IMAP client tried to continue the authentication process after receiving a failure on the AUTHENTICATE command from a remote server, which led to hanging connection and its further interruption by timeout.

Version History

 The site is updated: 16.01.2017
 Current version of CMS: 3.07 (?)
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 16.10.2016  Released CMS 3.07.
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