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Answers to Questions of Buying

  1. Question:

    We are a registered user of CMS 2.xx. How can we migrate to CMS 3.xx?


    To get a key for CMS 3.07, you need to make and pay an order for updating from CMS 2.xx to CMS 3.07. You, as a registered user, will get a 20% discount from the price of a new key.

    After receiving the key, perform the updating according to the instruction.

    Updating is possible only for the number of users that you have.

    Updating means full replacement of version 2.xx by version 3.xx.

    Keys from CMS 2.xx are not suitable to CMS 3.xx.

 The site is updated: 16.01.2017
 Current version of CMS: 3.07 (?)
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 16.10.2016  Released CMS 3.07.
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